Sondraia Bolgheri Superiore DOC 2018

A wine in which all the craftsmanship of Allegrini is aimed at enhancing the fruity notes.


Harvest 2018 at Poggio al Tesoro started on 27th August and ended on 3rd October. A rather wet spring caused some concern both in terms of the health and the quality of the grapes. The summer, however, brought some major improvements to the vineyards, with constant sunny and breezy weather. Thanks to agronomic practices that fostered greater aeration of the grapes (leaf thinning, re-arrangement of the bunches, removal of aerial shoots, bunch thinning), we were able to achieve high quality even in a vintage such as 2018, characterized by frequent spring showers. During the last phase of the harvest, when all the Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon grapes had still not been harvested, temperatures, especially at night, fell drastically and were accompanied by cold north and north-easterly winds. These conditions enabled the grapes to remain dry and preserved them from attacks of Botrytis and various moulds.