Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC 2020

Straw yellow in colour. Light and delicate on the nose, characterised by a subtle elegant floral nuance followed by hints of golden delicious
apples and distinctive vegetal notes.


2020 has certainly not been a lucky year. Nature, however, was able to surprise us again this time, and we have to consider ourselves lucky to have been spared the violent weather that hit areas not far from us in the province of Verona. The ripening of the grapes proceeded somewhat in fits and starts, especially because of the rain in the summer. The good weather in September, however, in combination with our decision not to accelerate the harvest, enabled us to obtain excellent quality grapes. For the reasons we have mentioned, the harvest was prolonged and, like all long harvests, this made it possible to choose the best time to harvest in every single plot and for every single variety. The work we carried out in the last few weeks in the vineyard, but also in the previous months, to contain plant vigour and select the bunches, did the rest.