Belpasso 2019

A wine in which all the craftsmanship of Allegrini is aimed at enhancing the fruity notes.


This year the harvest was long, with slow ripening, and abundant, high-quality grapes. Spring was particularly wet and in early July, due to
the considerable number of bunches, we carried out some thinning to restore the equilibrium of the vineyard. A dry period started in July,
interspersed with some timely showers. On the eve of the harvest, heavy rains (up to 170 millimetres of rainfall) made us fear the worst, but
fortunately, the forecasted poor weather conditions failed to materialize. In September, therefore, we experienced a sort of new, ‘mini summer’,
with temperatures reaching up to 33°C, high overall temperatures but also equally high fluctuations (even differences of 15°C between day
and night), which enabled the grapes to attain ideal ripeness. Phenolic maturity was achieved in the last third of September. The grapes are in
a perfectly healthy condition, with high quantities and quality.