The Filosofia

Our Values: delightful simplicity of Italian Honesty

 At OLIFA, honesty lies at the very heart of who we are and what we stand for.

We live everyday by the principle that food should be simple, healthy and high quality, always made in a sustainable and natural way. That is why at OLIFA we only work with local Italian producers who care as much about the quality and flavour of their goods as we do.

We ask these artisans to hand-pick only the finest batches of their produce to create a selection of ingredients that can then be treated, bottled and packaged nearby. Shortening the production chain, controlling it and tracing it has allowed us to receive various Italian and international certifications, which support our commitment to providing 100% Italian, 100% genuine, 100% honest products.

Our Purpose: sharing the excellence of real Italian Cuisine

 OLIFA was born out of our appreciation for Italian cuisine and all the joys that it brings.

Whether it’s about hosting friends and family for a bountiful lunch, preparing antipasti for your new neighbours or simply savouring a plate of al dente pasta with tomato sauce with your partner, the Italian way of dining is all about bringing people together. And by offering you only the finest, most premium Italian ingredients, we hope that OLIFA can inspire you to cook meals and create moments that will gather those you hold dearest.

This is the excellence of honest Italian cuisine, and we want to share it with you and the rest of the world.

Our Products: made of sustainable and artisanal work

At OLIFA we believe that honesty is at the root of everything. This is why we have established a direct relationship with our collaborators: small local producers who love their land and guarantee us the utmost respect for nature. Every season they sow, cultivate and harvest our products by hand, without any use of pesticides.

The processing of the raw material takes place immediately after collecting, in an artisanal way. This allows our products to keep their flavor fresh and healthy, and to have a transparent and sustainable supply chain. Our supply chain authenticity is something we proudly report on all OLIFA labels and packaging, together with other quality certifications (DOP, DOC, IGP, BIO).

Because we truly believe that, only if it comes from sustainable agriculture enhanced by Italian farmers, the authentic Italian cuisine can reach your tables.