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Discover our selection of refined extra virgin olive oil: 100% Italian, genuine and sustainable.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced without preservatives or colourings. Gluten-free and lactose-free product.

    Varieties: Grignano 50%, Leccino 30%, Frantoio + Leccio + Leccio dal Corno 20%

  • Particularly pleasant on the palate, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP has a delicate and fruity flavour with a note of sweet almond, low acidity and excellent digestibility.

  • Obtained exclusively from olives grown in Italy and rigorously cold-pressed to preserve their properties, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is green in colour and has a balanced and moderately fruity flavour that lends itself perfectly to any use in the kitchen.

Our Purpose: sharing the excellence of real Italian Cousine

We work with small local producers who guarantee us a transparent and sustainable supply chain and the most authentic Italian products, from field to table…
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The origins of Olifa

While moving to Italy, we understood that Italian food is a perfect reflection of the values we have always held in our lives, inspiring us to start a new experience of taste.

OLIFA is a  collection of 100% biological Italian ingredients that we hope will inspire people to live the honest Italian way: with quality, health and simplicity…